Kenya Trivia

How long can a hippo stay under water?

What animal can jump 30 feet and rise 10 feet off the ground?

What American reporter with the New York Herald Tribune was sent to Africa to search for David Livingstone?

You will find these questions (among 360 others) and the answers in the Kenya Trivia, a cute classic party pocket size book for you and your friends!

Created and first published in 1986 by Nancy Crooks and Christina Hearne Vincent, the Kenya Trivia Book sold over 20,000 copies. They reprinted the book in 1987, printing an additional 20,000.  In honor of Nancy Ellen Crooks and in support of the Foundation in her name, we have released a third printing of the book as a fundraising tool in order to continue her legacy of “improving the lives of women and children in Africa through opportunity and education”.

Nancy Crooks was, among other things, an educator, promoter, encourager, instructor and pioneer. During her lifetime, Nancy developed various educational programs in Kenya including an English language training school, a high quality ‘Nanny’ training school, a speed-reading program for business people and she was the founder of the current International School of Kenya.  She provided books and educational materials for detainees in the women’s prison remand center in Nairobi and began a program making and selling solar cookers in Northern Kenya where firewood was scarce and needs were great.

In continuing with her desire to improve the lives of children, a current project of the Foundation is to provide solar lamps to students in rural areas who are without the electricity needed to study at night.  It is estimated that in Kenya, 3 million children try to complete their homework by firelight or kerosene lantern.  The Foundation hopes to help those students get as much from their education as possible.

Get yourself a copy and support the work of the Nancy Ellen Crooks Foundation at the same time! Ask your friends questions and see how much they know about Kenya!