Lights for 300 Children at Elerai Primary School

The Barbara Dougan Foundation (BDF) recently donated about US$ 3,000 towards the Lights for Learning Program by the Nancy Ellen Crooks Foundation (NECF). With these funds, the NECF recently distributed solar lamps to 300 children at Elerai Primary School in the Mara Division of Narok County.

Elerai Primary School is located in a remote and rural area about 300 kilometers from Nairobi. Off the rough and rugged road to the Masai Mara, one drives for several kilometers on no-tarmac roads, crossing seasonal rivers, through hilly and rocky terrain. The area was dry, windy and dusty. Maasai manyatas are the common mode of housing. Most of the area is not on the national electricity grid. Solar power is the primary source of energy for the few homes and schools that can afford it.

The school was started six years ago by the local community, led by Elder Chief James Nairuko, to protect children from walking long distances to the only primary school, many kilometers from their homes, through dangerous terrain teeming with wildlife, including leopards, lions, wild dogs and elephants.

Given that we distributed 300 solar lights, and the average household has four children, we have potentially enriched the lives of 1,200 children and their families.