Big Rhino Kids Pay It Forward

They Carry Out Community Service Repairing Homes For Elderly Women

Anna Muthoni is 80 years old. For over seven years, she had lived alone in a broken down, leaking and definitely “airy” mud and wattle hut. Then the Big Rhino boys and girls came to her rescue. It broke their hearts to see Mrs. Muthoni, likely old enough to be a great grandmother to them, living in such a weather beaten mud hut.  They decided to make a beneficial difference in her life. So they set aside one full day for visiting Anna, giving her gifts and repairing her house. Geoffrey Kiiru, the Founder of Big Rhino Children’s Community said “it made us very sad to see grandmother Anna lonely and living in such a bad house. We decided to work with Huduma Kenya to help improve her life”.

Anna is one of 51 elderly women supported by Huduma Kenya, a community based organization in Nyahururu that helps takes care of women from 65 to plus 100 years of age. Many elderly people in the area have been neglected, with little or no care from their close family members, who often are elderly themselves.  Huduma Kenya has been very instrumental in improving their welfare and well being; this includes providing foodstuff, beddings and repairing their houses. Big Rhino Children’s Community has partnered with Huduma to help renovate five dilapidated houses. In the future, they will also carry out tree planting and environmental clean ups.

The Nancy Ellen Crooks Foundation has “adopted” Big Rhino Children’s Community and has played a role in helping Geoffrey secure resources to provide education support, develop talent and life skills through sports, and build a permanent home for the 72 orphaned and vulnerable children in their care. By giving back to their community, the Big Rhino children are paying it forward. They are living the saying “to whom much has been given, much will be required”.