Meet Our Donors:

The Nancy Ellen Crooks Foundation would like to extend our sincere gratitude to each donor who has generously contributed to our organization (including those who asked to remain anonymous). Without question, we would never be able to realize our goals without your financial support.

Thank you!

Individual Donors

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Donor name(s)In memory of...In honor of...
Andrea Irwin, USA
Anna Elmore & the Elmore Family, USA
Anne Hargrave, Canada
Barbara & Denise Dougan, USA
Barbara A. Durfee, USANancy Crooks
Barbara Steenstrup, Kenya
Barry & Donna Mentzer, USARyan & Ashley Alleman, Joan & Chuck Engle, Jordan Gehman & Mali Mrozniski, Joshua & Mereca Gehman, Brenda Marvel, Lori & Mike Ross, Rod & Betsy Spotts, Donald & Dorothy Weaver
Bruce & Diane Bouchard, Kenya
Camello Calisto, USA
Carol Stemp, Kenya
Carole Woolfork, USA
Clay Selleck, USAVickie Riggs Selleck
Connie Freeman, USA
Dave Morgan, USA.
Dawn Hauser, USAHenry & Colleen Hauser
Debra Colgan, USA
Di & Jim Vale, USA
Diane & Bruce Bouchard, Kenya
Donna M. Johns, USA
Douglas Brooks, USA
Dr. George Jones, KenyaNancy Crooks
Dr. Julie Horan, USA
Dr. Muriel Lee Lundy, USAJanet Carmony
Elizabeth Cleland, Australia
Elizabeth Gundersen Hynes, USANancy Crooks
Elsa Cremer Kay, USAMy Auntsie Nancy Crooks
Elsa Cremer, USA
Evans Njoro, Kenya
Gabe & Joanna Oser, Kenya
Gail Scriven, USA
Galen Eugene Lahman, USAValauri Dawne Lahman
Gary Martin, USARosie Chawla, Michele Crean, Danielle Gangi, Tiffany Lemons, Denia Martnez, Anthony Matera, Molly McNamee, Ryan Metcalf, Synthia Moore, Joe Pace, Ramona Smith
George Jones, USA
Gretchen & Ron Brant, USANancy Crooks
H. David Lockhart, Canada
Howard Crooks, Kenya
Howard H. Michitsch, Canada
Ian Plane, USA
Irene Smith, USA
Irland & Kathy Tashima, USA
Jackie Saunders, Kenya
Jane Utterback & Sally Abarr, USA
Janet Carmony, KenyaNancy CrooksHoward Crooks
Janice Koenig, Canada
Jeff Sarchin, USA
Jeffrey Hume, USARoy Hume
Jim & Linda Fletcher, USA
Jim & Sally Dry, Kenya
Jo Mochulski & Gail Scriven, USAJoanne Krenkler
John Samuel Whittaker, USA
John Stanley Roberts, USA
Jolene Wood, Kenya
Jonathan Scot, UKJack
Julia Latter, Kenya
Julie Squires, USAPaul Squires
Karen Rubsam, USA
Kathy Schroers, USAJanet Carmony
Kay Kaiser & John Carr, USANancy Crooks
Kelly Dermody, USAJohn & Patti Crooks
Ken Hefti, KenyaWilliam CreamerGretchen Cremer Grant
Laura Minor, USAThe Schlesinger Family
Ludovico Gnecchi, KenyaHoward Crooks
Marc Ringel, USA
Margaret Brody Card, USA
Marie Ann Lilley, UK
Marie Kotschedoff, USA
Martha Lawlor, USAJan Carmony
Martha Sue Dickie, USANancy Crooks
Mary & Mike Wallace, USA
Mary Epsom, Kenya
Mary Robinson, USANancy Crooks
Michele E. Pelyhe, Canada
Molly Mortensen, Kenya
Nancy Brown, KenyaNancy Crooks
Nancy Dahl, USA
Nancy Hamlin, USA
Neil C. Taylor, AustraliaNancy Crooks
Oliver McFalls, USA
P. Reid, Kenya
Patrick Hubbard, USA
Paula Reardon, USA
Peggy Dotson, USA
Peter & Robyn Purcell, Australia
Peter Laharrague, Argentina
Renee Blasky, Kenya
Ricarda McFalls, Canada
Rosa McAllister, USADr. Michael McAllister
Rosemary Kinyanjui, Kenya
Ruth Rabb, Kenya
Ruth Squires, USANettie Goodrich
Sally Cremer, USA
Selleck Family, USABarbara & Roland Giguere, Steve Nasuti & Paul Squires, Phyllis Riggs
Shirley & Duke Durfee, USA
Shirley H. Durfee, USADuke J. Durfee
Stephen F. Mershon, USAVickie Riggs Selleck
Steve Nasuti, USAMike McAllisterDorothy B. Columbus, Jo Mochulski, Gail Scriven, Selma E. Zislis
Suzanne V. Dorr, USA
Tina & Danny Cremer Alfano, USANancy Crooks
Tina Alfano Raff Cremer, USAUncle Howard, Aunt Nancy, John Crooks, & Christina Vincent
Val Williams, UKJolene Wood
Valerie Allen, USA
William Boddy, USA

Institutional Donors

Lifetime Donors (over $25,000)

  • The Barbara Dougan Foundation

Cornerstone Donors ($10,000 to $24,999)

  • Afren East Africa Exploration

Visionary Donors ($5,000 to $9,999)

  • Anonymus

Friends of Nancy ($100 to $4,999)

  • Imperial Bank Kenya Ltd
  • The Village Market
  • The Tribe Hotel
  • Valar Frontier Solutions