Lights for Learning

Chumvi Primary School Solar Light Project

NECF entered into an agreement with parents from Chumvi Primary School to provide, at a cost to each student household of US$1.20 (actual price US$12), for studying at night. Chumvi is a highly marginalized community and therefore was not asked to pay our usual requisite contribution of US$2.40. One hundred families from one zone in this school’s community signed up to buy the lights; many had to sell a chicken or something else of value to come up with the money.  The presentation of the lights, and verification of the recipients, was done at the school on June 1, 2012.  Paul and Maria Epsom volunteered to coordinate the selection of families, distribution of the lights, and monitoring of the use of the lights.  Unity Resources Group provided the funding for the lights.  Two larger solar lights were presented to the school for use by the Headmaster and the Deputy Headmaster in completing their school obligations at home.