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St. Andrews Secondary School, Naivasha

St. Andrews Secondary School is located in Kasarani location in Naivasha district, approximately 250 kms north of Nairobi. Kasarani is a very poor, somewhat isolated village on the North Lake Road of Naivasha. Many of the people who live there are employed by the numerous flower farms around Lake Naivasha, which gives them hope. The flower farms, in concert with community stakeholders who care about education and opportunity, have been significant in the development of St. Andrews.

The school was started in XXXX with one teacher and 96 children.  Today there are 15 government teachers, 2 teachers paid by local ranches and 2 teachers paid by the parents.  There are 1096 pupils. There are classes from nursery school to Standard 8 catering for children from ages 2 – 18 years.  All children come from the surrounding area with some of them travelling 20 kms round trip each day.